Epson Printer Setup (Macintosh)


This guide is for setting up Epson printers to use Paper Saver ink on a Mac.  You will install the printer and create a Preset for  “Paper Saver” with settings for self-erasing ink.

Install the printer as instructed by Epson

Follow the instructions provided by Epson to install the printer, but remember to use Paper Saver ink instead of the black Epson ink and colored Epson inks.  You can also reference our filling instructions.

Create Presets

With a document open on your Mac, choose File > Print

Select the Printer you just installed.  Then click “Show Details”.

Paper Saver Setup

For printing with Paper Saver self-erasing ink we want the printer to use only the Paper Saver ink in the Black tank.  If we set the printer to Black & White and the Media Type to “Plain Paper” (or anything but “Photo”) th printer will use only regular ink. 

Select “Black and White”.

Select Media & Quality” and then select “Plain Paper” as the Media Type.

Click on “Presets” and select “Save Current Settings as a Preset…”

Enter the name “PAPER SAVER” and click “OK”

Setup is now complete!  You can start printing now but we recommend visiting the “Tips & Ticks” section to make your first experience better.