October 28, 2022-Happy Eco News

In Part 1 of this series I shared some exciting technologies that make paper reusable. Part 2 is going to be a little more personal, covering the paper-reuse technology I invented and why this is good news for the planet.


October 23, 2022-The Recycler

Blue Planet Ink released new Paper Saver self-erasing inks for Epson EcoTank/SuperTank printers. The replacement inks, 103, 104, and 522, are a new formulation optimized for the specific printers that use Epson inks of the same numbers.


September 28, 2022-Happy Eco News

The paper used for printing and copying is usually considered to be single-use. Perhaps the back side can be used if it is blank, or some of the paper fiber can be recovered through recycling, but it can’t be used for printing again. Or can it?


September 16, 2022 USA Art

Bangkok-based artist Pratchaya Phinthong’s The Glossary of Ancient Isan Proverbs (2022), printed in disappearing ink
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June 10, 2022-The Recycler

Inspired by Epson’s Turn Down the Heat campaign and recent promotion of inkjet printers as being more energy-efficient than laser printers, Blue Planet Ink decided to investigate the energy used by the printer in inkjet printing compared to the energy to make the paper used for office printing.


April 11 2022-The Recycler

Responding to customer demand from outside its home country, Blue Planet Ink has launched Paper Saver 545 self-erasing cartridges for Canon printers.


November 21, 2022-The Recycler

Responding to customer requests from the United Kingdom and Europe, Blue Planet Ink has launched two new self-erasing inkjet inks. The new inks are for use in Epson EcoTank printers that use ink number 101 or 102.


September 29, 2021-The Recycler

Blue Planet Ink has led the market in disappearing ink for printers since 2019. The latest addition to the Paper Saver product line is a new formulation that replaces Epson’s 502 ink in several models…


Blue Planet Ink on a Japanese TV Quiz show!

May, 2021-Hatsumimi-gaku

Blue Plane Ink never expected to be featured on a Japanese TV quiz show! But these things happen, evidently. The show was “Hayashi-sensei ga Odoroku Hatsumimi Gaku” which aired in late April or May of 2021.


April 14, 2022-The Recycler

Blue Planet Ink announced that its Paper Saver self-erasing inkjet ink has now reached customers in 21 countries. These include the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Israel, Jordan, Canada, the United States, Australia, India, and Japan.


October 2020-National Science Foundation

Paper waste contributes to climate change more than most people realize. The carbon footprint of producing, transporting, and disposing 12 sheets of paper is equivalent to driving one mile in a gasoline-powered car —


October 23, 2018-TechBriefs

Despite the fact that you’re likely reading this article on a screen, paper consumption in the United States for the last 20 years has increased from 92 million tons to 208 million — a growth of 126%. Given the environmental toll, Carl Yee wanted to print paper without the guilt.