Filling an EcoTank/SuperTank Printer with Paper Saver Ink

These instructions apply to Paper Saver Inks for Epson printers except for Paper Saver 664 which has its own 664 Filling Instructions. Paper Saver 502 ink is shown in these instructions as an example.

You should only add Paper Saver ink in a printer that already uses the ink or to a new printer that has clean,
empty ink tanks. If you put Paper Saver ink in printer that had regular ink in it before, the old ink will contaminate the Paper Saver ink so that it is no longer self-erasing. The mixture of inks will typically clog the nozzles in the printer and make it unusable.

Paper Saver ink goes in the tank marked “BK”, the tank for black ink. (If that tank had regular black ink in it before, you’ll want a new compatible printer. On the Paper Saver Ink for Epson page when you select an ink number and size the compatible printers are listed. If there are two tanks for BK, model, fill both.  Also add Paper Saver Ink to the color tanks (C, M, Y) to at least the 2nd lowest fill line so the printer can perform its priming and cleaning functions properly without contaminating the Paper Saver ink with regular ink.

Wear disposable gloves and wipe up any spills with a damp towel. Generally follow the instructions that came with your printer or instructions you find online but use the Paper Saver ink instead of the Epson Inks.

Specifically for the Paper Saver Ink:

  1. Unscrew the top cap from the bottle.
  2. Fill each color tank (C, M, HY) to the 2nd lowest fill line with Paper Saver ink.
  3. Fill the Black (BK) tank or tanks no higher than the the top fill line with Paper Saver ink.
  4. After filling, place the cap back on the bottle.  If the bottle is empty, remove and discard the label, and recycle the bottle.
 After filling your printer with Paper Saver Ink, please adjust your printer settings as as instructed for Windows or Macintosh systems.