HP Compatibility and Use

Printer Compatibility

Paper Saver ink cartridges are compatible with HP printers that use cartridges with the same number. For example, Paper Saver 63 XL cartridges are compatible with HP printers that use HP 63  cartridges. To see a list of printers compatible with a particular HP cartridge number, select that cartridge in the Blue Planet Ink Shop.

Installation, Setup and Printing

To prevent clogging of the cartridge nozzles please print a page soon after you receive the cartridge and about once per week after that. If you remove the cartridge from the printer, store in a clip.

1. We recommend not installing any HP Firmware Updates.

2. Disable or turn off HP Cartridge Protection

3. Remove the cartridge from the plastic clip, remove the blue tape, wipe the ink from the print head with a paper towel, and insert the cartridge into the printer in the slot for the black cartridge.  If you have removed a regular ink cartridge from the printer you can store it in the plastic clip. 

4. To print with Paper Saver ink you will want to print using only that cartridge. The easiest method is to remove the tricolor cartridge and leave only the Paper Saver cartridge installed. If you get a message asking if you want to print in single cartridge mode, click OK.

You may also be able to print using only Paper Saver ink by setting the printer properties to “Black Ink Only” for some printers and “Grayscale” for others. Do not select the “High Quality Grayscale” option because that will cause the printer to use some ink from the tricolor cartridge.


Previously used, Low ink and Empty Ink Warnings

It is normal to get “empty” or “previously used” cartridge warnings because these are re-manufactured cartridges and it is not possible to reset the ink levels to full after filling the cartridges with Paper Saver ink.  These warnings can be dismissed. 

Recycling the cartridge

When all the ink in the cartridge has been used, please recycle it or dispose of it as electronic waste.