Filling the Printer with Paper Saver 664 Ink

Paper Saver ink goes in the tank marked “BK”, the tank for black ink.  (If that tank had regular black ink in it before, you’ll want a new compatible printer).

Wear disposable gloves and wipe up any spills with a damp towel.  Generally follow the instructions that came with your printer or instructions you find online but use the Paper Saver ink instead of the Black ink.  Leave the colored ink tanks empty.

Specifically for the Paper Saver Ink:

  1. Unscrew the large cap from the bottle, remove the seal, and screw the cap back on the bottle firmly.
  2. Remove the small top cap and fill the printer BK (black) tank  with Paper Saver ink.
  3. After filling, place the cap back on the bottle.  If the bottle is empty, remove and discard the label, and recycle the bottle.