Epson Printer Setup (Windows)


This guide is for setting up Epson printers to use Paper Saver ink in Windows.  Windows 10 is used as an example but setup is quite similar for other versions of Windows.

If you want to print with both Paper Saver ink and regular ink from the same printer, it can be done but there are some risks and complications so we are not recommending it currently.  If you want to try that anyway please send us an email and we will help you with that setup.  The following instructions assume you will be printing only with Paper Saver ink with this printer.

There are two main steps:

Step 1:  Install the printer as instructed by Epson.

Step 2:  Change the printer settings.

Step 1:  Install the printer as instructed by Epson

Follow the instructions provided by Epson to install the printer, but remember to use Paper Saver ink instead of the black Epson ink.  Don’t install the colored inks.  You can also reference our filling instructions.

Step 2: Change the printer settings.

Change the name

Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.  Locate the printer, right-click it, and select “Printer Properties.”

Change the name of the printer to “PAPER SAVER”.

Paper Saver Printing Settings

For printing with Paper Saver ink we want the printer to use only the ink in the black tank. 

Click “Preferences…”

To make sure that only black ink is used we need to select Black/Grayscale and paper that is not glossy or semi-gloss. We can still use glossy or semi-gloss paper but the printer driver can’t know that because it will use permanent ink if it knows the paper is glossy or semi-gloss.

Click on “Paper Type” and select “Plain Paper/Bright White Paper”.  Select “Black/Grayscale” and click “OK”.

Setup is now complete!  You can start printing now but we recommend visiting the “Tips & Ticks” section to make your first experience better.